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Mascot History: The bird was employed proverbially and figuratively in reference to nocturnal habits, ugliness, and appearance of gravity and wisdom (often ironic).


 Wise as an owl means the person being described is very wise, and probably knows a lot of information.

 "Dedicated to Educational Excellence"

 graduation owl with moving wings




Parent Meeting

September 18, 2018

6 p.m.





 School starts at 8:00 a.m.

Dismissal at 3:00 p.m.

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Go Owls Go!


Spelling B Winners

Ja'Zinaya Maxwell (2nd), Zakiyya Culver (1st), Deshawna McMillian (3rd)







Spelling B Participants, Judges, Announcer, and Principal








Ms. Dilworth-Porter's Poet of the Week

Ja'Zinaya Maxwell




"A Friend"

A friend is like a flower in mid-spring

A star on top of the evergreen tree

A friend is a person that is trusting

And lets you go on a rambling spree


Friends won't let you do silly stuff alone

A friend forgives unnecessary fights

A true friend will be the first to atone

A friends is special like the northern lights


A friend is one in a million

A friend is always a loyal person

A friend can be one in a billion

If you make them mad, your friendship worsens


I know I have a couple of true friends

and if we fight I will truly make amends.








GEMS welcomes new staff members: Ms. Dionne Davis - Gifted/Art Mrs. Kaleigh Taylor - Social Studies and Mr. Paul Zammit...